insulin and weight loss

A brief introduction to insulin function in weight loss

by Dr George on January 18, 2011

Hey there guys,

Just catching up on some of the weight loss materials currently working their way around the net. Some good, some very bad and lots of absolute crap!

One of the great posts I was lucky to find was at Jo’s Health Corner where she has done a nice piece that explains the role of insulin in weight control.

To put it into a nut shell, insulin is a hormone that responds to sugar levels in the blood to help keep them at a steady level. Lower levels of this hormone will help tip the balance towards weight loss.

The higher the sugar levels, the higher the levels of insulin needed to bring them down.

Insulin acts by pushing the sugar into the muscles where it can be used to power the muscles. If the muscles’ store of sugar is full the sugar is turned into fat where it can be used as energy later.

Sadly our current modern lifestyle has a diet that is high is sugars and starchy carbohydrates. These lead to very high levels of sugar in the blood.

We also do not exercise nearly as much as when we were cavemen so we do not burn the sugar as quickly.

This leads to a massive surplus of sugar in the blood that is converted as fat and stored “just in case there is a famine”. This one of the factors that¬† leads to increasing weight gain in our body.

By learning how insulin works and reducing the need for high levels by reducing sugar spikes we can slowly start chipping away at our fat stores (ie weight loss!)

I’ll be writing an article on this very soon but in the mean time check out the great article by Jo that explains it all very well.


Dr George

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Aisha Miller January 27, 2011 at 7:06 am

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