A sweet treat that’s not going to break the belt!

by Dr George on March 21, 2011

delicious low carb low fat ice cream

Hey there Guys,

To be quite frank I know exactly why I was fat six months ago.

Ice cream. I freaking love it. Sadly most of the stuff that is sold in the supermarket is so sugar laden that it’s going to send your blood sugar sky high and turn on the fat storage mechanism before you can say “Baskin Robins”.

On a side note, did you know that a single 75g scoop of their rocky road ice-cream has 22g of sugar? Yes indeed, that will certainly cause an insulin spike we are working to avoid.

Anyway I was reading “My Paleo Life”, one of my favorite blogs, and came across this awesome recipe for “Down and Dirty Coconut Berry Ice Cream” and it’s fantastic.

Tastes great, it’s low carb and great for the body. This just goes to prove that you can still enjoy your sweet treats when you get creative.

Click the link above and enjoy. I know I sure did.

Dr George


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