Mc Donalds Lunchtime Favourites Combo

Hey there Guys,

I was walking to work today and was absolutely gob smacked at this current promotion at McDonalds.
As part of their “favorites” combo they are offering 2 hamburgers, fries, a soft drink and ice cream as part of a $9.95 special.

What was more concerning tho was the amount of calories, fat and totally lack of nutrition that was part of this “special” offer.

Indeed this meal clocks in at a whopping 1623 calories and includes just under 70g of fat. Hardly a healthy lunch.

To put this into context, for a male that weighs say 95kg who wants to lose weight we are aiming for around 2000 calories per day or less. This meal represents over 3/4 of those calories so you can imagine it would not take much to over shoot your suggested calorie intake.

Added to this is the high amount of sugar in soft drink, bread and ice cream, the starch of the french fries and  don’t even start me on the fat. Complete with the total lack of any significant veges we have a meal that is pretty much crap. Tasty crap but crap none the less.

If you were keen to burn these calories off it would take 2 hours of cycling or 90 minutes of moderate intensity jogging just to get back to where you started!

Ok as a “sometimes treat” but not a healthy lunch choice if this is going to be  every day.

So what might be a healthy lunch choice?

Today's lunch at work.

Pictured above is a photo of my lunch that I had at work today.

Dead easy, it’s just a garden salad complete with vinegar and olive oil dressing prepacked from the supermarket. I’ve  added 100gm of shaved chicken for protein and two slices of Jarlsberg cheese for a bit of a dessert at I have a sweet tooth.

I calculated the calories and there are 80 calories in the salad, 70 calories in the chicken and 50 calories in the cheese. This comes to a grand total of 200 calories and only 7 gm of fat.

Add into this is that it is 100% low carb, very filling and it’s packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. Not a bad choice if you are keen to lose a few extra pounds.

It’s a big meal for me and tends to keep me going for a good 4-5 hours before I am hungry again.

Just so you can compare prices here is the receipt from today’s lunch.  $7.87, a cheap healthy lunch in anyone’s books.

So guys, with a few simple changes in the way you choose your meals you can make a significant difference to your health.

A trip to the super market is just as easy as a trip to McDonalds.  Heck, you could even pack your own lunch at take it to work.

I’m not suggesting that this is the ideal lunch for everyone but just wanted to highlight that with a few simple changes you can have a fantastic filling healthy lunch and lose a few pounds.

Something to think about yes?

Yours in great health!

Dr George

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