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Gaining Weight To Cure Diabetes?

by Dr George on January 22, 2011

The logic behind this scares me beyond belief!

I just found this “news” piece by the ABC in America that you can read here.

The basic crux of the story is that this lady was diagnosed with diabetes that was most likely secondary to her being over weight. This has been a common diagnosis with the population of the western world getting bigger and bigger.

The bigger you are the higher the risk of developing diabetes.

Not that this lady was big. It’s reported that her BMI (or body mass index) was 24, in the “overweight” range. Creeping towards obese but certainly able to be rectified with a review of her “healthy eating” or stating exercise.

To put this into perspective, if she was of average height for a woman say 5’3″ her weight would be 152lbs for those who are used to metric, a height of 162cm and a weight of 62kg.

Here is the kicker, that would put her under the average weight of an American female which is 152lbs or 69kg.

So again to put this into perspective she was less then the average weight of her peers…

Here is where the logic starts to fail me. Rebecca states that despite her multiple medications and “eating healthy foods” her diabetes was not getting better so she started to research options.

One piece of research she found was that gastric bypass surgery was found to help diabetes. But there was a problem. She was not heavy enough.

You see gastric bypass is only recommended for people with a BMI more then 35 or in this lady’s case she would need to weigh 202lbs or 92kg.

So given this information what would you do, keep on looking for other solutions or would you work on *increasing* your weight so you would meet that criteria?

You guessed it, Rebecca chose a trip to Dunkin Doughnuts. Hmmmm.

This of course would have made her already unstable diabetes worse (she was on four medicines and insulin already!) and opened the flood gate to multiple other medical complications that radical choices like gastric bypass are used to help prevent.

The wrap up of the story is that she got the bypass, her diabetes got better and she now lives happily ever after, but not before the closing like that makes me freeking fume…

I tell people that have type 2 diabetes that are the slightest bit chubby to not lose weight. They should gain it.

Scary thoughts.

I wonder what all this means… A spike in obesity and obesity related disease from diabetes who are keen to get a complete hands off solution to their obesity?

What is going to happen if they *raise* the criteria weight for bypass, another week at the buffets in Vegas?

People, seriously don’t fuck with your health. Stop, think and get some decent advice.

This person did not need a gastric bypass and all the risks associated with it. She needed a psychiatrist.

Dr George

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