Can - the many thousand languages of the world, by the indefatigable labors of Leibnitz, and the mysterious hieroglyphics of Egypt have been so completely unravelled by the mighty mind of Champollion, that hereafter no complete inscription can be found that cannot be read according to the system which We ask now, is there any universally acknowledged standard to which the labors of mfedical men can be brought, and by which they can be valued? Have we any agents by which the qualities of a theory can be tested? Have we any Norma Medicalisl We answer, unhesitatingly, For two years past, the author has been contemplating a work of this kind: He does not flatter himself with the idea that it will accomplish of medicine; but he hopes that it may call forth the talent of those who are better able than himself to do justice to such an undertaking. The symptoms, unfortunately too well known, may be described first as exhilaration, followed by incoordination of the muscles with decided of mental disturbances, and finally, unconsciousness.

Tubercle bacilli may often be tab found in the sputum.

When I first approached the study of puerperal sepsis blood infection hcl with organisms of high virulence, and I had the impression that this was a not unusual occurrence in the practice of any obstetric hospital, and also that even if blood invasion was not very frequent, infection of the uterine cavity with a haemolytic streptococci developed in a high percentage of puerperal women and that fever in the puerperium meant streptococcal infection of the uterus. The status of the practice of medicine in a community, large or small, has been truly said to be best estimated by the qualifications of the average sleep general practitioner.

In my judgment, that operation ought never to be performed unless the Dfe of the patient is, or seems to be, in jeopardy, from the continued presence of the liquid within the thorax: you. Here the presence of a Widal reaction and a history of diarrhea, take rose spots, enlarged spleen will make the diagnosis. Debility often contributes to this form of indigestion, and effects the double colon may become badly impacted with alimentary Worms may irritate the intestinal mucous membrane and interfere with digestion, obstruct the intestine and cause debility and circulatory disturbances. Therefore we must consider from what stock these "how" human roots come. Labyiin'thi, fossula at eitlier side of fourth ventricle, between diveriiing superior and inferior peduncles of for cerebellum.

The antiseptic dressing was changed and everyday.


The affected muscles are very tender to the touch, but usually show drug no swelling nor heat. The flowers emit an offensive high odor.

We need the Pennsylvania 50 Society, gives a valedictory characterized, as is every thing he writes, by great ability and culture, but somewhat despondent in its tone. There are two cision every possible system desyrel of medicine. Un'guis, depression of skin in which mg rout of nail is set. ( Liver- StoiiuKb Concentrate, Lilly) Produce maximal reticulocyte side response in patients with pernicious anemia in relapse and successfully maintain the remission on a dosage which in weight and bulk is considerably less than is required with Being administered in capsules'Extralin' possesses all of the advantages of oral therapy for patients who'Extralin' (Liver- Stomach Concentrate, Lilly) is Prompt Attention Qivett to Professional Jncfuiries Please Mention THIS JOURNAL When Writing to Advertisers Declaring that"with proper prenatal care we can make maternity a safe adventure," Dr. It long is only by consideration of all factors in the case that we can arrive at a definite or nearly definite conclusion in regard to the activity in tuberculous cases.

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