Weight Loss Bullshit & Scam History

by Dr George on January 21, 2011

weight loss bullshit

Hey there Guys,

Found this great post sharing some of the biggest weight loss scams of days gone by. Check it out over @the NPR Health Blog.

For years there have been charlatans more then happy to sell the easy solution, the latest and greatest “no fuss” solution, frequently veiled in a simple solution that does not involve making healthy eating choices or starting exercise. That would be way too hard ;)

Guys, as you see the ads featured @ NPR, think, what is the modern equivalent that is being sold today that is preying on hope of a magical no sweat solution. Even I was amazed to see that “jiggle machines” are currently being pushed in shopping centers through out Australia…

Something to think about.

Dr George

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Gustavo Lequerica January 21, 2011 at 5:09 am

I saw many years ago in Colombia something similar in the town’s fair; it was a snake pill oil promoted by an Evangelical leader saying it was the Jesus Pill, it was extremely funny from the sociological point but it was sad from the mass mentality point, people were gathering just to buy the miraculous pill that made the lord slim and and sexy. I’m still laughing after many years.


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